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April 18, 2008

Vietnam part Dalat

By the time i write this, i am sitting in an Internet cafe in Hoi An, trying to put the trip into words... And here are some bites from my modest camera. I arrived in Vietnam 3 weeks ago, with a boat from Pnom Penh. Spend one night in Mekong Delta, and then move on to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). i will skip the story of Mekong Delta and Saigon Later, when i get the pictures ready.
One of my favorite city in vietnam is Dalat, the combination of the cool climate, the tea plantation, the golf course, the flowers, the waterfall, the market, and ultimately the building. They're just OLD, and beautiful. the first road in Dalat was built on 1905 -1915, and around 1920 the area became popular. The French started to build villas, and homes. The Golf course in Dalat was the most beautiful in the country. The market was so alive, and this is where the famous Dalat wine is produced (you have to try for yourself to judge its taste :p)
Le Cafe De La Paste - Dalat

The building was build in 1922 by the french colonialist and now it was used as a cafe and restaurant. This place served an excellent Vietnamese coffe. The best in Vietnam.

I spotted this house on the way up to the cable car hill. It look like an abandoned house, but i dont know for sure. This house for build around 1920s and this is a modern, comtemporary style architecture AT THAT TIME.

This one is the view of Dalat town from the hill. I like how the building was squeezed together in one photo,to me it sounds like they were saying "me, me, me, me!"

This one is the view from the end of the cable car. Its so pretty, but i was there when the light condition is not at its best. or maybe i wasnt such a good photographer afterall.

the waterfall, one of the thing Dalat is all about. To reach this waterfall, you need to do a bit of hiking through the jungle OR you can ride a self-drive roller-coaster! because i dont feel like break a sweat for a hike... i took the roller coaster for 2US$, and it was so much fun! driving a roller coaster through the jungle!