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February 14, 2012

public announcement

dear friends, considering conditions I am about to describe below:
(a) my impending arrival at home correlated to (b) exponential increase of "items" some of you requested, under the circumstances of (c) minimal financial flexibility, (d) a degree of time constraint due to tight working schedule and (e) limited luggage allowance
I would like to announce that I wont be capable of sparing the thoughts of love towards all of you in a form of souvenir or foreign goods. However, I would be happy to share stories, experiences and knowledge with whoever interested in exchange.

I hope you would understand that this is not personal and no offense intended to those who happen to not receive little dutch gifts from me.
Your understanding are very much appreciated.

its not you, its me.

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nic said...

It's kinda sad that you had to make this disclaimer, but thanks. I'm sure so many will be happy to have you back and share stories of wander. Unfortunately, I missed out as we didn't cross paths before I left.

keep it simple and love life:-)