well that was the initial plan, but apparently this become a scattered space of my inconsistent ramble and incoherent mumble. I write my heart out, I throw my anger and frustation, I jotted my hopes and dreams, I record my random thoughts here

September 25, 2007

Dream big = Dream bitter?

go to wikiquote and search 'dream', at the top of the page you will find this "Dreams are but the illusion that we put upon ourselves to make life in an unbearable world liveable" We all dreamer, at least used to be one. isnt it convenient to think of something nice, something achieve-able, something comforting that will happen if we work hard enough to get it, if we run fast enough to catch it, if we're patient enough to wait for it. Isnt it nice? I mean, could it be anything more beautiful than a dream come true? something we wished to happen, something we long for? Dont you agree with me?So they say, beneath the dreams there's hope, and with the hope anything could happen. TRUE? false! at least for me, dreams and dreams and dreams, and while i am strangled in my dreams and the world spinning and voila, suddenly i see an almost dead end, the path that lead me there getting narrow everytime i looked up. sigh, i rolled to the end of the page and i found:"But only in their dreams can men be truly free. 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be."

how i wish.. how i wish..