well that was the initial plan, but apparently this become a scattered space of my inconsistent ramble and incoherent mumble. I write my heart out, I throw my anger and frustation, I jotted my hopes and dreams, I record my random thoughts here

July 21, 2011

fear of love

I am scared yet hopeful
the notion of being in love is something so beautiful, yet frightening
giving in, surrender to the possibility of getting hurt
while holding my breath and claim confidence
its gonna be ok
you gonna be ok

I have found a man so wonderful
someone who compliment me so well
together we are like enzyme and its substrate
everything seems so perfect and i feel at peace when i am by his side
i am deeply terrified to move forward
yet i want it so bad

July 11, 2011

succulent wild woman


full of juice; juicy.
rich in desirable qualities.
affording mental nourishment.