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March 23, 2007

Gay Pride

Some of you might recognize this rainbow flag, but some of you might not. This colourful flag is one of the symbol for gay pride.

The color of the flag have different meaning, accordind to wikipedia, the red color stands for courage, orange offers the vision of possibilities, yellow represent challange, green indicates understanding of aims and values of co-operation, blue represent the far horizon, to strive towards global unity, and violets represents warmth, beauty, and friendship.

The rainbow flag has been used as a symbol of gay and lesbian pride since 1970. The different color symbolize diversity in gay community, and the flag often used as a symbol on gay right marches. Originated from United States but now uses around the world.

I was introduced to this flag not so long a go, a friend of mine 'educate' me about gay people and their life, so i start hang out on gay bar, reading books about the 'world' of gay and lesbian people, watching queer as folks, getting to know them, and this make me realize that all the suspicion about gay people is very judgemental and unfair! because 90% of the prejudice come from ignorance, people who refuse to learn. Lack of knowlegde about gay and lesbian has lead to many other negative things, discrimination towards gay and lesbian is completely unfair, because gay and lesbian is basically normal, they able to do things straight people did, even more. I really admire out-of-the-closet gay, who dare to stand up straight and tell the world that he's gay and he's proud. Thats really something.

Maybe in US or EU, being gay is not a really big problem. But Asia have different story, being gay (or becoming gay) in this part of the world would mean things will be lot more difficult, although its true that there will always be gay people anyway you go in the world, doesnt mean they always be accepted. Especially in the country where moslem is majority, because being gay is a really big sin, as if its a choice someone can make for themself. In Middle East, if you gay and the goverment find out, you can be punished by death penalty. Even in wealth-growing-nation China. Why gay people get into so much shit? maybe its religion, but i believe its ignorance. Something we dont know, something we dont understand might scare us, and our reaction is to diminish the subject, by creating such rules and dogma.

Some people look down on gay people, but the fact, lot of succesful people that marked their name in history is gay. But most people will ignore the fact that they're gay, for their own insecurities. Its sad, but thats what happen. Conclusion of this blog: Hands up for gay right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support...it's folks like you that help change the world one person at a time. It would be nice if everyone could live as they choose..with whom ever they choose. God blessed us in a special way..please remember:

Love me in whispers, love me with your eyes,
Love me in whimpers, love me in sighs
Simply love me.

For I too, am one of Gods Children.


"lgb" Sparkles

62 and proud to be a Gay Man :-)

Elvira said...

Thanks for writing this.

wiza said...

i recently lost one beautiful soul. one of the most beautiful man i ever know, one of very few people i cant totally open up to. one of the person who taught me that friendship know no race, religion, or sexual orientation.

may he rest in peace.