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February 10, 2012

PhD shift

Back in the day, when scientific development are new and there's still so much to discover, people do research for the sake of knowledge.. Scientist board ships traveling to the unknown world risking so much to come home with new understanding of the world. Research that actually expand the world knowledge, research that actually move civilization forward.
People do research for many years and after contributing so much to science their work were valued, or appreciated with this title "Doctor of Philosophy" or whatever
these days people take PhD because its a paid job, because its fancy, because they want to travel and do whateverfuck and get paid for it, because they're unemployed and have no better idea on what to do with their life, or because it make them appear smart.
So many people who is doing PhD these days doesnt actually know what the fuck are they doing.
and that includes me.

no, actually that defined me.

i am not trying to diminish the value of research or of other PhDs. i am just getting frustrated with the beginning of my self inflicted doom

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Farhaniza Farhan said...

bisaaaa.. pasti bisaa.. tar gue temenin deh disono kalo dapet shortcoursenya stuned. hahahaha (i wish)