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May 20, 2008

100 years of nation awakening, are we really awake?

so that was the advertisement said, celebrating 100 years of nation awakening. MY question is: are we awake yet? are we prepared for this celebration? what are we celebrating exactly? was it the flood in Jakarta at the beginning of the year? was is the increase in oil prices in world market that caused indonesia's economy plan to went upside down? was it the death of too many children caused by malnutrition? was it the destruction of our poorly protected sea by foreign fishing vessel? was it another story of our precious timber that was bought at low price by foreign company? was it another story of corrupt government official? what was it that we're celebrating? indeed, hundred years ago, budi utomo and tjipto mangunkusumo held the first native intellectual congress. it was, indeed a nation awakening. but how far has we gone in fulfilling 100 years of nation awakening? when was the idea of visit indonesia 2008 was thought? how far was the preparation? 2008 went on without pausing or waiting any second to check if indonesia was ready or not. nation awakening;bullshit. wake up people, wake up you! who sat at those comfortable chair as the government officer! start to do something!

we always mock malaysia as an "idea thief", as a country who have lost its identity, but look at ourselves! are we good enough yet to say this things? are we protecting our precious islands as well as they did? do we appreciate our culture like they did to theirs (or ours, but they claim its theirs anyway)? have we done enough?

maybe this VISIT INDONESIA 2008 has open our eyes a bit, that we're not ready, but we pretend we are! nation awakening! we need to wake ourselves first! what have i'd done as a nationalist? did i do something good or i am just another parasite to this dying nation?


muzem said...

hai wee~ long time no news.. hope wee sihat!


Christopher said...

What do you mean by awaken? Interesting blog, though.