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November 11, 2009

things that got me cry in agony

I hear about this news on sunday, after attending the messian concert with moonlight.. they announced it on the radio, i was puzzled at first. islam? woman? what is this about?

moonlight told me, they just killed him.
i was like, what? who? got killed? why??

"for committing adultery. they found out that his fiancee is pregnant, before marriage. so they just stoned him to death." *tears start seeping from my eyes*

"what happened to the girl? is she ok?"

"they'll wait until she give birth then they gonna stoned her too" *i am burst in anger after hearing this, unbelievable*

that news, got me sat on the corner of my bed, crying. asking myself why there's so much cruelty in this world? why religion bring so much destruction? why there is verses in the holy book that justify this? WHY?

and all those people who claim that my heart is darkened by the western ideas and being atheist is wrong.. i would like to offer to them the same news and see how they feel about it.. most likely, i suspect.. they'll say: its not islam, its the followers, cruelty happen, accept it.

i lost words, i lost words to describe how i feel..

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Ferzya Farhan said...

where is humanity in islam? maybe that's make you inquire..

Islam, the religion with no humanity, stoned, make people in agony.. is that right?

i don't want to judge the religion, any.

but i'm searching the religion sister,. and i thought its not the real Islam, Islam is not like that, really.

the simple, humanity, tolerance religion is Islam actually, you can read the Qur'an if you want to see Islam,

not only see what was happen in the world, because there's has interference from human..