well that was the initial plan, but apparently this become a scattered space of my inconsistent ramble and incoherent mumble. I write my heart out, I throw my anger and frustation, I jotted my hopes and dreams, I record my random thoughts here

May 10, 2011

a room to breath

Looking up.
looking forward.
seeing what could be the path.
where am i going?

Memegang erat janji pada diri.
I know where I wanted to be.
This is not hard. not difficult.
I just have to take the small little steps that will take me there.
These PhD plans, These job, These forest, These people.
and the loved ones.

Feeling inspired and thoughtful, yet melancholic and lugubrious.
looking up. I'll be alright.
I know you're by my side. I know.
I just need some space. some anonymity. a solitude.
a room to breath

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