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April 24, 2007

beauty or beyond?

I was a big fan of The Body Shop product, its expensive indeed.. but i know that my money goes to a good cause. I support their campaign about community trade, against animal testing, love yourself, stop abuse, etc. Until one day i realize something, body shop launch a new product; moisture white. Why i am so disturbed with the launch of this product?? because i disagree about the idea that we have to have fair skin to be beautiful! its disturbing to see the advertisement everywhere, whitening this, whitening that, from Diorsnow to Fair and Lovely -as if we have to be fair to be lovely. Its not the color, its the ideas that disturbing me. My question is; are we, asian women refuse to admit that we're beautiful with our very own brown skin? perhaps we need to redefine the concept of beauty again.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and we western people try to walk in the sun get some tan, try to become brown. With all these commercial for oil natural tanning your skin to get the 'summer look'
its a funny paradox

be happy with the beauty you already got


amellie said...

well.. to be honest, i can't blame the body shop for this.. coz it's not their fault. they sell that product to meet their customer's needs. and who're the customers? those who want their skins to be whiter... hahaha.

ya, right? go back to indo.. see how ppl there are so disturbed with their "dark" skin.. and complain all the time about the sun.. blbalbala... (and in other asian countries as well... like japan, china, taiwan...) but when you go to western countries, you won't find such products... all i find is tanning products hahaha...

well, i'm already tanned... i don't need those :P nor do i need whitening products... ;)

wiza said...

true. we're already tan and most caucasian already white. but seems like its hard to let the 'love yourself' spirit to penetrate into people choice of cosmetic. sigh.