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June 28, 2007


This entry started with big question mark (?)

It start since i left Indonesia to Malaysia, when i arrived in Penang Airport at June 12, 2003, the first thing immigration officer ask me:" Indonesian? worker? " sighed, i pulled out the letter from USM, and things happen to work different in the immigration if you are a student.

Now lets fast forward to the time when i attend my english class. Apparently, an Indonesian student in school of biology (at that time) is not something common, and almost everybody curious if i was a moslem or a christian.. gigling, sometime i let them wonder on their own..

So this nationality and religion thing never become a big problem until recently; I was on the bus station with bunch of friends, laughing and smoking and so.. suddenly, this old guy (about 50 or 60 something) come up to us and point to me -right to my 'asian' nose- and say (in angry tone): MUSLIM? ARE YOU MUSLIM? WHERE IS YOUR ID? IF YOU ARE MUSLIM I WILL CALL THE POLICE!!
clueless, i thought.. maybe he's a crazy guy? whats wrong with him? the next second, one of my friend get up and point back to him (also in angry tone): YOU DONT TALK TO A LADY LIKE THAT, BECAREFUL WITH YOUR MOUTH OLD MAN
so it continues:
ME: (get defensife) hey i am not malaysian, and i have nothing to do with you
a minute later he's on the phone with his son and he told the son that me and my friends nearly hit him, and say fuck to him and stuff. not so long after, 3 of his son come over and we nearly involved in a fight. geez.. i dont know how to describe the tense.. but that make me thinking.. are those people, who recognize themselves as moslem, really 'clean'? never smoke and so, the son never 'touch' their girl and so..sigh.. are they really thought they could get into other people bussiness that far? i mean, we're nearly land each other hand on each other face. sigh.

and about the nationality, its another different story.. i never regret to be born as Indonesian, but unfortunately, it closed many doors for me.. sigh..at least some doors can be opened, by force..

Advice of the day:
Blood is not equal to loyalty, help, and friendliness. think about it. it happen to me recently.


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Anonymous said...

The problem in Malaysia is that the government conflates religion and ethnicity into one. So you can't be a Malay christian for instance. If you appear to be Malay then you must be a Muslim, there is simply no choice. This is where the problem begins. Malays have lost ground in their own ethnic identity to point that how they imagine themselves is now closely tied to how they imagine their religion; Islam. In this case it is conservative, sometimes archaic in its attitudes to women, or other marginal groups (transgender, gay, or anyone who doesnt fit). I agree that it is strange to live in a country where you are defined firstly by your religion, and not by the content of your character (to borrow a phrase from MLK)

Anonymous said...

Schatje! check your mail ya, im booking a ticket!

lifeinside said...

i'm so sorry that my fellow countrymen did that to you, it's such an embarrassing situation!! there's nothing i can do to prevent such situation from repeating, but i can advice to you to get away as far as you can from these kind of social perverts.