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March 6, 2009

fart vs burp

both could be bad, as well as good. its good for your health, but could be bad for people around you...

i was kinda amazed on how australian, or at least brisbanians (or brisbaners? or there's another name for brisbane people?) feel so free to fart on public.

case example:

i was sitting on the bench outside the public library using the internet, and there's two other people on the other side of the bench, using the internet too, and all of a sudden, the air around me smell very bad.. unmistakably, its a fart smell. ugh. and i look at them, and they were just laughing as if they didnt smell anything.. alright.. let it go.. not so long after, there's another guy come along with a computer, obviously planning to use the internet too.. he sad in the middle, between me and the couple.. and the smell, it come again.. this time, its not just me, this other guy obviously smell it too! because he looked around with this expression (which you can tell he must have smell something bad) first, he looked to the left, towards the couple, and they didnt seems to notice anything different, and then i realized he looked at ME! probably thinking that it was ME! but before i could give any him any expression that could explain something, he looked back to his computer, while pinching his nose. UGH!

another case example:

i was sitting at the coffee shop in campus, and enjoying the free coffee i got from doing the library tour, until suddenly, this girl, sitting in front of me, suddenly fart, really loud, but she, and the people around her, seems to not notice, or not giving any damn about it, and this things is kinda new to me. i mean, in Indonesia, if a someone (especially a girl) fart in public, somebody else would make a remark about it, regardless if its a positive or a negative remark, but somebody would have said something.

also another case example:

i was in the class, until *the same thing* suddenly i smell something bad.. and i thought, it must be fart, again. without a sound. i looked around, trying to find the guilty face, and i could find nobody! nobody putting a slightest sign of guilt! so i asked the oz girl who sat next to me if she smell something, and she was like.. yes, and just nod, no extra comment. UPS.

so i draw a conclusion that farting in public is something that is totally OK to do in Australia, or Brisbane at least. what about a burp? i never heard anybody burping on public, so i put myself on a case example, just to know, PLUS, sometime i cant control it, i burp involuntarily. It happens on the other day in Capoeira trial class, i was so thirsty so i drank my water, afterward, i cant help it, i burp, and straightaway i realized what i just did, and looked around, nobody seems to notice. this is good! hahaha.

also another time, when i walk to class, in the corridor i suddenly burp, prety loud, i must say, *but i apologize immediately afterward* and this guy, standing straight across from me, suddenly turn his head around and give me the "look", i mean, not that "look" but the look that probably say: did u just did that? burp? sort of look. i mean, i cant really explain it, but you know what i mean..

so now i wonder, is it OK to fart, but not all that OK to burp??

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