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February 27, 2009

lost in.. orientation

this is one of the most stupid entry, i must say. it will describe how stupid i've been. sigh.

My university orientation start last monday, on the 23rd of february, and from the driver who picked me up in the airport *in the end i did find him and he get me to josh place safely* i got a little red book about the things i need to know once i arrived. So i read, there's a getting started session that was held every weekdays at 11am from January something to march something *i dont remember the dates* so i thought, alright, i'll go and see that on monday! nicely planned. So i got my accommodation sorted on the weekend and i am all good for uni on monday. I woke as early as i could (7 am, noted that) and figured which bus i should take and et cetera. at 10.45 am, i am in the Uni! super, i am sooooo on time! hahaha.. i am follow the sign that say INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION and arrived in a building, called UQ Centre, then i saw soooooo many people crowding the entrance.. i looked around and see a paper that say something like this:

Getting Started Session (compulsory)
For all new international student
UQ Center
14.00 - 15.00

*Jaw dropping expression* Started at two??!!! i should have sleep longer!! why the hell am i woken up at 7 this bloody morning? oh my goodness! but are these people doing here, if its start at 2pm? and why do everyone seems to know each other and they all carrying a blue bag with UQ logo on it? hmmmm... i should figure out.. but before i get to ask someone, i saw everyone walking into the exhibition hall, so i follow the crowd, get myself seated and say hi to a chinese-looking girl who sat next to me. hi, hello and everything, i figured out they're from malaysia and i figured out that the orientation for international student started at 8.30 this morning! what the hell.. why i didnt know this? apparently i need to always check my UQ email. ah, alright. Apparently there's a welcome session for International student where they explain whatever we need to know about the university. Afterwards, i follow the sign that say STUDENT CENTRE to pick up my student card, so i can get concession for the bus. I get in queue, wait for about an hour *its a looooong queue, believe me* until someone with a tag *I can help, ASK ME* come to me and ask, do you enrolled? i give her the bizarre look and ask her, didnt i need to talk with my academic adviser about the course that i need to take? and she told me: thats a very wise idea, but you need to enrolled in at least 1 course in my SI-net, whatever it is, and wait 24h for your student card to be ready, then you can meet your academic adviser, you can always change the course anytime during this week. So i was like.. hmmm.. alright.. so there's no point i wait in this line today. huh! wasting my 1h queuing in the bloody hot sun for nothing! FINEEEEE.. i get back tomorrow..

So i went around, looking for a place to sit so i can do the enrollment. i tried to log in to the internet, but i couldnt! it wont let me in! what is it now? so i went to the AskIT help desk, and the guy told me, no you cant use the internet unless you've enrolled. WTF?! how the hell am i gonna enrolled if i cant use the internet? while all the enrollment is done online? apparently i can open the UQ website to do the enrollment but cant open anything else, ok, so i complete my enrollment and and find my way back to the UQ Center, for the "Getting Started Session"

The getting started session was fun and all, the lady was very informative and throw jokes all around so it was ok.

checking the orientation guide from UQ, i figured out i have a welcoming session from faculty of NRAVS the next day. So the next day i went, and after the orientation we have morning coffee on which everyone was divided in a group, according to their program, i dont hear anyone calling out for Environmental Management, so i ask, apparently, staring from January THIS YEAR, environmental management is no longer with the faculty of NRAVS, its with the faculty of SCIENCE. hmm.. fine.. so i'll have my orientation tomorrow, but i stayed anyway and join the group for Integrated System and Natural Resources Management. Afterwards, we have the FREE BBQ *which i joined anyway* and there, i meet someone who asked me on what i am gonna do in uni, when i told him its Sustainable Development, he asked me if i have any engineering background, that question make me panic. not at all!! oh my goodness! i should really meet my academic advisor to get him explained this to me.

Third Day! its market day in UQ, so i attend another orientation *yey! should really understand my way around uni by this time* and after a long speeches and specific orientation session for environmental management student, i figured out i was at the wrong session, again. i was like.. nooooooooo!!! not anymore!!! aaarrgghh.. apparently it was for UNDERGRADUATE student of environmental management!! the one for postgraduate student will be held at 5pm!! at the school of geography.. ahhh.. fine fine FINE! at least i learn where i supposed to belong to, damn it. But well, in the end, the orientation for postgraduate student is where the most fun are! we mingled, chat, laugh, accompanied with free flow of wine and good finger food, it was nice.. good end for me.. although i kinda forget my way back a bit, and trying google map from campus.. and i figured out somehow.. and i am safely home! dozed off before 9pm.

done with

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