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April 14, 2010

impulsive dream

I mean, literally dreaming. seeing (and doing) things while you're asleep.

I had a weird dream last night (well dreams are weird, arent they??)

I dont know what was the initial occasion but I see myself walking into a travel agent and thinking to got myself a one way ticket to Europe or US. At the point I walked into that shop, I havent decided where I wanted to go, I just want to give myself a surprise, and I can afford it anyway. So, any direction will do, whatever, I am being impulsive.

Turn out I bought a ticket to LA, for $600. It seems to make sense, but in my head.. as I walk out of the shop.. I was wondering why do I do this? Isnt there's a better way to spend my money?? As I wonder my way home to pack.. I woke up!!

damn it.

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