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January 2, 2012

first publication

After one good year of writing, revising, editing, addressing reviewer comment, back on revising, yet another editing phase, topped with "oh what the fuck i dont care anymore" followed by "ok lets finish this bullshit" and all the rubbish that comes along with it. Finally, first publication.

The title sounds cocky, boring and inconclusive but its the world of academic, you know. Being in ivory tower, observe the shit down below and think "oh I am so smart I am gonna tell you what to do just check what I write, oh no sorry I am not involved I am unbiased academic YOU KNOW". --Yeah sorry I am being a jerk--

Anyway, now I added one-too-many to that enormous pile of paper published in scientific journal with chances only a handful of people would read - hopefully will got as far as the abstract.

Nevertheless, I think its an achievement on its own right. Regardless of how superficial or useless it is. Acknowledging its a small journals, not Nature or Science but Annals of Tropical Research (did you say anal?). Ah well. Good journals, bad journals. I published one!


aforementioned article downloadable here

irrelevant picture belong to a friend. I just have to upload it together, although that one writing have another story altogether.

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ity said...

wah, tampilan baru blog.nya lebih segar kak! selamat yaaaaa atas publikasinya, akhirnya akhirnya akhirnyaaa!! hahaha wanita yang suka jalan-jalan ini punya publikasi akademik euy!

markijal! mari kita jalan-jalan lagi!!