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February 19, 2009

Australia: a hell of a trip

My first ever trip to Australia, this is how it start..

I check in, get my 25 kg in and proceed to free fiscal section, figured out that i have to pay the fiscal because i just about start my "overseas student activity" - or so the officer said, and i am not a tax payer, so i got to pay the fiscal (around 250USD). geez, after looooong argument with the officer, finally the let me go and give me the free fiscal stamp.

Then i went outside to say goodbye, not long after i heard the calls for passenger departing to sydney, please board the aircraft immediately. My godness! run to the immigration, and got the guy asked me for my immigration card, i forget to get one, so i need to run back to the check in counter and fill up the form and run to the immigration again, from there run to gate D3, panting my breath, finally managed to get onboard. (btw, i have about 10 kg stick to my back).

Sat on the flight for 6 long hour and arrived in Sydney. Going through the customs, declare all my cigarette, wait for the custom guy to check my bag and let me go. walk outside, change some cash and get myself an australian sim card. ok, one thing at the time. i really feel like a cigarette, but i got to cleared my baggage for the next flight, so i went to domestic terminal to check in. It was a bit far out so there's a shuttle bus to take the passenger, and all this time, each time i need to pass the x-ray, i need to take out my laptop, put it in a tray, take off my jacket and belt and empty my pocket. then i sat there, waiting for the bus. I was trying to figured out how to register my new sim card so i can call my mother back home, suddenly the bus arrived and everyone rushing in and i felt a bit panic, i grab all my things and stuffed it in the bag, hop on the bus. was a bit distracted and thinking that i should take some pictures, so i dig on my back to get my camera out. suddenly the bus arrived and i quickly get my things and stuffed them in the bag and in the pocket of my jacket. get off and suddenly realized, where's my phone? couldnt find it in the bag, so i ran back to the bus and i could find it either! what am i supposed to do now? i have i another flight calling for boarding. AAArrrggggghhhh!!! so i logged the lost properties and run for my flight.. Once i arrived in brisbane, i figured out that one of my bag is still in Sydney. FUCK! what is it now? trying to find the driver who supposed to pick me up at the airport but didnt see him anywhere in sight, take out my cigarette and light one, and suddenly an airport official come over to me and point to the NON SMOKING sign. oh gosh, BUSTED. My godness, never once i traveled alone that i come across this much of a trouble..

but it wasnt all gloomy, when i am in desperation, i walk to the taxi ticket counter and turn out telling the security guy there about what happen to me, bla bla bla bla bla bla.. he decided to help me out, take out his phone and ring up someone at UQ pick up services, finally the lady on the other side of the phone told me, just wait at the baggage claim area, the driver will be there in a minute. Huff. one relief. then i meet the driver and apparently he's a really nice old man, very very funny. throwing jokes and laugh all the way to Herston Rd. then i meet Josh, my couchsurfing host and he also turn out to be a very nice guy, very resourceful, patiently answer all my question about the city and uni and stuff. From his place i walk down the road to the bus stop trying to hail one, NONE OF THEM STOP FOR ME.. and i am thinking, again? but suddenly a random guy asked me, "did u see a tall, blond, old, australian guy here a little while ago?" I was like: no, no at all, nobody here since 20 mins ago, i was even trying to hail a bus and none of them stop. he then leave to call someone, and back to me he asked, are you going to the city? i answered yes immediately, and he offer me a ride!!

Too much things happen to me today, the bad, and the good, but brisbane people, are almost definitely friendly. I am glad.

me stranded in the airport after 8 sticks of cigarette, lost my phone, lost my luggage, cant find the university driver who supposed to picked me up, hungry and still waiting..

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