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May 25, 2010

evolution picker

Lets face it, the theory of evolution doesnt fit the religious teaching. The religious teaching has made it blatant and obvious that we were created by god. Adam were sculpted from mud and god breathe in soul into the sculpture, then eve were created from Adam's rib as his companion.They both kicked out from heaven and dumped to earth and start breeding, populating this planet. We all know that, right?

So, the theory of evolution describe the other side of the story, they other way to climb the mount improbable, and being sculpted by god and breath-in a soul is not how us - Homo sapiens - come into being. We evolved from a single cell living organism out in the sea and we evolve, over the time span of billions of years into this advance creature that now dominate the planet. Looking back in our evolutionary traits, we shared the same ancestor as the apes. In the other words, we are animals. The difference between us and the rest of animal kingdom is we have such a high capacity to adapt to different environment and thrive.

In today's world, the flow of information is vast and technology has enable certain things that seems inconceivable in the past, its seems illogical to comprehend the idea that evolution is just a theory. The piles of proof of evolution is piling up as the scientific community obtain better understanding about the world. Nevertheless, there's always religious wings of community that refuse to accept this facts and choose to deny.

These people often falls in the "extreme" category. Choose one and not the other. Black and White.

But most of us, stand somewhere in the middle. Accepting the theory of evolution while holding hard to our stone age belief system. These religious intellectualist choose to believe the theory of evolution when it comes to other species existence, while taking the religious teaching of creationism when it comes to our being.

Isnt it weird? why our being have to be different? is it because God wants us to be special? or the whole thing is just delusion?

Admittedly, until now the scientific community is still searching for the initial starter of the evolution process, we partly know how it move forward, but how does it actually started in the first place?? what bring the non-organic material into a living creature? It was almost a complete darkness in the scientific knowledge until yesterday, for the first time in human history, a scientist created life on the lab. Its almost literally mixing a handful of chemical and voila! Life!

and now, are we playing god with god?

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