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May 4, 2010

just around the corner

When i logged into my email this morning, not a single strain of thought in my head thinking I will hear what I just heard. When the news delivered to my inbox, I thought it was a prank. I wish its a prank, a joke.

Do you know how it feel when someone you know so well at one stage of your life, and you lose contact when you walk through another phase of life but you know they still there, you just need to talk to them again when you come home.. but suddenly you figure out they're not.. they're no longer there.. they're gone for good..

That was how I felt when I try to get a grip with the news, it was short, one sentenced news..

"Wi, Thoriq pass away last night"

My finger quickly hit the reply button and typed, "You're joking, right?"

two seconds later I receive one word reply "Serious"

I cant hardly believe my eyes, no warning, no story, nothing. I have no bloody clue such things were near until it happen. It come and struck all of us frozen. It was hard to believe.

Sigh. letting go, again.

I still dont know how or why he die, maybe I dont want to know, maybe there are things I rather not hear.. whatever that is.. you know you have people who love you, unconditionally, Thoriq.

There's no heaven, we shall never meet again. Always be grateful with today and you shall not live in vain.
(an engraving in a cemetery in toowong, brisbane)

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